Why Vizyo

The boats we project and design are set to last in time and be distinguished even when constantly updated in style. Italian Projects offer captivating styles, are easy to use, able to respond to the different needs of those who navigate and care of comfort. We use technology based on safety and individual care of the environment.

Vincenzo Zizzo

The designer who thinks up, ideases, designs projects and builds hatch’s has worked for important brand names and shipping yards such as Azimuth-Benetti .
A history which began in the early 90’s when as a child he loved drawing the Sea in his spare time. So much se. a pleasure that became a passion when he started a course as a Navan Constructor at the Technical Nautical Institute of Palermo.There, a whole new world opened up. He soon realized that it would have taken up all his life. And so it was.

There was the University on the one hand and the world of work on the other. He chose the latter.And so started the first jobs in Nautical Yards and sending off cv’s.Vincenzo was contacted by Azimut Benetti nautical yard who had taken over Gobbi of Piacenza re naming it and transforming it first as Atlantis, a brand of Azimut Benettii and then , what is now known as the line Azimut Atlantis.

Fate or luck? Only after a few weeks he was taken on to project and design the product. Atlantis was a medium sized company in rapid growth,there were many opportunities if one was sprawled by inspiration ,keen to learn and do well. Vincenzo had them all being young and full of ideas.

Within big companies everything is highly industrialized. If a designer one realizes their design and their work more or less ends there. In a small or medium sized company one has greater responsibility, a budget to abide by and contextualize Everything one projects. Interface with the suppliers or with the production already in the concept phase; monitor the advancement to verify time to delivery, verify the quality of the prototype and finally make sure that everything has been installed correctly.

The learning margin is as high as that of making mistakes and this is what makes the difference in a designer, the ability to make everything run smoothly.
During the seven years spent in Atlantis Vincenzo took part in designing and projecting around 20 different models of boats and motors of between 31 to 58 feet
among the versions for the European and the American Market.work which was greatly appreciated. In Atlantis he learnt to design the boats from scratch, work in a team made up of professionals from various company functions and profiles: Technical, Production, Purchasing, Sales, Marketing and Post Sales.

He learnt how to manage himself and face in a correct manner in context with variou competitors of a high degree. The Azimut – Benetti became his “university. Eager to start up on his own he chose to become an entrepreneur . Most thought the idea was quite insane but if he wanted to savor the thrill of putting his experience into Action the that was the right time to start . He had to be ready to put it into action by the end of the crisis of 2009. In 2014 the brand VIZYO was set up, a company of Boat construction focused on Industrial Naval Engineering which included Industrial Design as well as Oil & Gas. The latest challenge was the design and construction of VIZYO which closes the circle with a project that reflects technical competence in construction, the class and style of Italian Design, innovation in performance, sustainability in the offer of a system that uses up less primary resources and the opportunity even of electrical propulsion.a new professional phase and company development all to come.