Vizyo 25 stood out at the 3rd Bologna Boat Show: great satisfaction with the Blue Award, given in the yacht and powerboat segment with the motivation: “Shipyard committed to eco-sustainable boating with production of boats suitable for electric propulsion. New product, novel design, high quality materials, made in italy, commitment to sustainable boating.”

The living room on the water

A marine extension of your “Villa” , your elegant lounge in the middle of the ocean, home comfort among the waves. An elegant but functional design yet practical for life on board.

Socializing in the middle of the sea

A day cruising for leisure, a high level platform to toast with friends, to pamper Yourself among dear ones in order to relax far from the chaos of one’s lifestyle surrounded by a natural environment.

Sustainable navigation

Welcoming guests on board means offering an experience in line with our days that require respecting the environment and behaving ecologically correct. Welcoming friends in our lounge on the sea in a sustainable way in order to make them participate in a new way in their rapport with the environment. The hull of VIzyzo was, though, projected and designed to reduce consumption, an energetic goal which means less toxic waste and a cleaner cruise for your family and friends to whom we offer a healthier experience.

Zero-Emission with an electric motor

With VIZYO 25 one can navigate even with emission zero, eliminating those locally and any contact with fossil fuels. This is due to the predisposition of electrical propulsion to obtain an emotional experience thanks to the almost complete silence of the electrical motor. The absence of noise opens the doors to the melody of the sea, lake and river to the sound of the waves, the tweeting of the birds and the blowing in the wind. A full immersion with the natural environment. A natural symphony to enjoy in the lounge of VIZYO 25 where comfort reaches its highest peak of grace to higher stability offered by electrical propulsion.
One gains free time with electrical propulsion that greatly reduces maintenance to the engine.. economically more viable cutting expenses relative to the lifespan of the motor.


The boat is a motor Day Cruiser with sundeck and undercover cabin with all the comforts to spend relaxing time at sea. Elegant, sportive, and practical are the adjectives that counter distinguish this boat of interesting size: length of construction equal to 7,7m and a width of 2,5m

Outdoor Space

It is privileged in respect to the internal area as it is characterized by a symmetrical layout.
At bow the sunbathing area holds three people and is reachable by two very practical passage ways on either side quite wide to be able to be used as seating areas. An added advantage for the hospitality on board and very useful to be able to move freely up and down the boat.

Central Console

Here we have the entrance to the undercover area which leads to the bathroom and double bedroom , the steerage command with double seats and “stand up area” for storage or other optionals like a fridge and cooking area.
Adjacent the console there are two face to face sofas , with a table in between, which can be used as sunbeds with the aid of side cushions maximizing space to the size of 215cm x 190cm. A UNIQUE solution for the category.

Technical specifications

LOA 8,4 mt
Maximum beam: 2,50 mt
Dispacement unlander: 1,8 tons
Engine minimun: 200 HP
Engine maximum: 400 HP
Maximum speed: 45 Kn
Crusing speed: 25 Kn
Fuel tank capacity: 270 lt
Water tank capacity: 50 lt
Passengers CE cat. C: 12
Passengers CE cat. B: 10